What if you and I were more transparent?

What if we were honest with each other about what was going on inside of us instead of doing the insane things that we do? Because we do insane things, don’t we?

We are an interesting species. We say things that we don’t really mean. We do unkind things to other people. We send the ones we love on guilt trips. Why? Because there are things inside of us that we do not want to deal with and the easiest thing to do is take it out on others.

We do these things because, in a way, it numbs our pain. We don’t want to have to deal with it. But the great startling truth is that when you and I choose to be transparent and engage each other with honesty, there is growth and maturation. When you and I come clean about who we are and the things that we struggle with, growth occurs. When we all come together, unified in our own inadequacies, we see there are others that help us carry the weight.

So today, I call us to truth. I call us to come clean. I call us to deal with the things
that weigh so heavy on us, seeing that there are members of our Averett Family that will help us carry the load.

Have a wonderful week! Jamie


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