New Transitions…

Hi. I’m Jamie.
I’m Averett University’s Chaplain and I want to welcome you to campus. For some, you know where classes are and how to decipher a syllabus. For others, this is a brand new experience which can be hectic and often times overwhelming. Regardless if this is your first semester or seventh, every week can bring with it a numerous amount of challenges and stresses. Therefore, I created this interactive blog to encourage our students, faculty, and staff. It’s never long or laborious to read, but just a simple note to provide hope and reflections on life. Oftentimes it’s these small notes of encouragement or happiness that get us through times of transitions.
And that’s what college is. It is about growing and transitioning. It is about being formed and molded into the people we are going to be. How we arrive is different from how we leave. Transitions can be difficult, but also really exciting and meaningful.
As you start this week, remember you have an Averett Family that is in your corner. Know that whatever comes, you’ve got friends and family to help your weather and celebrate the transition.
Have a wonderful week!


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