Welcome Back!

“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
                                                -Alice in WonderlandImage

Here we go again….
Some of us have grabbed the ramen noodles, the hot pockets, the water and sodas to pile into the mini-fridge, figured out how to arrange the room, and found our classes!  And others have worked on lesson plans, room assignments, admission details, and orientation schedules.
Beginnings always bring mixed emotions.  Some of us dread them, because we don’t like change.  Some of us look forward to them, because we are desperately ready for change.  Then there are those who just roll with whatever life brings.   
No matter which category you fall into, know that beginnings are important.  Beginnings bring momentum and excitement.  How we start out of the gate will determine how we keep going.  So get plugged in!  Embrace new teachings!  And remember that no matter what the road is like ahead, you’ve got a university family that supports you in every way.    
                Be brilliant!
                – Jamie


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