Waiting Rooms

We are not a very patient species….Image
How often do you and I lament about being inconvenienced due to waiting?  Whether we are in a hurry or not, we do not like when someone cannot merge properly or work the card machine in the grocery line.  We do not want to wait when trying to lift that certain weight or waiting to hear back about test results.  We want the finished product now.  We are “microwave people” who like to have things instantly.  That’s why iPads and Blackberrys are so important to us.  All the information is in our hands when we want it.
Waiting is a huge part of our lives, though.  There will be times when life feels like one giant waiting room.  We may not be clear on how long we will be there, but we hope it is short.  There will be times when we will not have the answers immediately.  So, what do we do in the meantime?  
May we remember that patience is an active word.  It takes effort.  It beckons us to keep striving, growing, serving, loving, and to keep pressing on.  For it is not a finish line that determines our greatness, but how we run the race.  
                            Waiting by your side,



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