Image“Your kingdom come, Your will be done….”
Last Friday 120 students came to Danville as part of an event called Mission Madness.  Over the weekend the students served at 14 different sites.  Their work included redoing the planters at the plaza near the end of Main Street, helping with Habitat For Humanity, painting houses, aiding the elderly in cleaning their yards, planting a community garden, and so on.  
Their sole purpose for coming was to help make Danville, a city that many had never heard of, beautiful.  They honestly believed that spending one day of serving could make an impact in showing the surrounding community a new way of living: one of servanthood.  They used phrases like, “bringing heaven to earth.”  
As a chaplain I am asked about heaven quite often.  They are usually questions about what certain texts say about it, how different religions view it, or the whereabouts of their beloved pets.  But I find that the more that we focus on things that happen after our existence, the more it lessens our awareness to the needs that surround us now.  
So may you and I today see the ways to make life beautiful now.  May we see the needs that surround us, and may you and I help bring a new way of living and a “new heaven” to earth.  


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