Ever seen this screen before?
Imagine this.  You’ve been working on a paper all night.  You’ve done the research, got your bibliography together, are literally seconds away from saving it, and your computer freezes.  The mouse arrow is stuck.  The hourglass won’t stop. The pinwheel keeps spinning.  And you begin to wonder if you should throw the computer out the window or simply cry.  
We have all been through these times.  Out of nowhere, unexpected events arise and we’re forced to figure out in an instant what to do.  I submit that it is in these moments that we see ourselves clearly.  It is not when things are going great, but when turmoil strikes.  And it is in these times we rely on others.  We rely on friends, faith communities, family – people who can help us carry the load.  
So today may we remember that we don’t have to walk through this life and all its glitches alone.  We have the opportunity to join with others and share the load together.  
                                                                                                                            – Jamie


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