We don’t like to talk about being broken…
We are attracted to those who seem to have it all together, aren’t we?  They look like what we want to look like.  They get the grades or the girl/guy.  They always seem to be on top and never caught up with the stuff we are focused on.  When we are sad or struggling, we do our best to hide it.  “Yeah, I’m good,” is our mantra when people ask how we’re doing.  Because, honestly, if we showed them how we were doing, they might never ask us again.  It is exhausting to keep up the charade, isn’t it?   
Have you ever noticed, though, that no one seems to hide their feelings at funerals?  People don’t feel obligated to disguise how they are in that moment.  They are given “permission” to be upset, hurt, angry and confused.  That’s the thing about honesty.  It usually is not pretty, but it’s real.  Sometimes it takes a bit of suffering for that honest part to come out.  Sometimes it takes a crack in our armor to let love and grace come in from others. 
So may you today be honest with yourself and others around you.  May you throw off the “I’m tough, I can handle it all on my own” attitude and see the beauty of loving others enough to let them share in your struggles.
Sharing the load,


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