I hear the word “blessed” often….
The word “blessed” in the Bible is μακαριοσ (makarios).  Another understanding of this word is the phrase, “God is on their side.”  Historically, those who possessed great wealth or land were considered to be blessed.  They were thought to have a divine hand upon them.  It makes sense that over the centuries people have equated financial success or prosperity with divine blessing.
All this changed, however, when a young rabbi named Yeshua taught the words, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”  You see, the phrase “poor in spirit” was not considered a good thing.  It referred to those who were considered inconsistent, morally empty, down and out, and spiritually bankrupt.  It is in this moment, though, that this Yeshua reverses everything and says that God is for those people.
So may you and I today see that even in our inconsistencies, our failures, our mistakes, our mishaps, our illogical responses, and our inability to see others as we want to be seen, there is one who says, “God is on your side.”
Also on your side,


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