Awakening to Color

ImageHave you ever woken up and thought, “just another boring day ahead,” ?     
There is a part in the old Wizard of Oz movie that I love.  It is when Dorothy’s house crashed into the Munchkin village.  You see, the first fifteen minutes of the movie was black and white, but when she emerged out of her house there was color.  You could see the yellow brick road.  You could see that her dress was actually blue.  You could see the witch’s face was green.  Even the emerald city in the background was, in fact, colored emerald.  Could you imagine watching the entire movie today in black and white?
I have found that we have the temptation to view life like this.  We sometimes see our lives as mundane and boring, black and white.  We wake up and go through the routine of class and work and forget that there is something at the threshold of our doors.  And when we see that, everything is changed.  Whether it is an inspiring lesson, encouragement from a friend, a new romance, or a startling realization about one’s self, life becomes colorful.  There is purpose and passion again.  
Even in the preparation for this semester to end, the exciting truth is that we have the opportunity to go outside and see a world that is bursting with life and creativity.  So may you be encouraged and see that life is a beautiful world full of color and richness.  And may you and I seek to show others this beauty.  
                                    Finish strong,


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