Finals, Tests, and Bluebooks, oh my….

It’s almost over!   


The studying and cramming is coming to a near end! Soon many of us will  be leaving to go home for a well needed break and engage in the craziness that this holiday can bring.  But amidst all the shopping, and decorating, gift wrapping, and 24 hour showing of The Christmas Story on TBS, let us take a moment and heed a lesson from what today is  to our Jewish Family.


It is the 3rd day of Hanukkah, which is not Jewish Christmas, but a festival that celebrates the history and story of redemption for the Jewish people.  This time is not marked with gifts, but rather on family, joy, and helping those who are less fortunate .  To celebrate this time, they light candles on a menorah to not only illuminate their homes within, but to remind them to shine this light on others.


In all the late night studying and getting ready to go home, let us pause and truly celebrate this time of joy and charity and illuminate others with it!     



Study Hard!             




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