Want Change

Things are starting to get cold….

Some of us are excited about this, while others are probably regretting leaving their winter clothes at home.  We embrace the cold weather, preparing for what’s to come.  But not one of us is angry at spring for leaving, are we?  We don’t reminisce about how good the spring and summer time was, thinking that there will never be a time like the “good ole‘ days” again.  We acknowledge that in order for there to be a spring, there must be a winter.

Last week 550 people gathered for an event to support the book, Switch, and their hope in changing Danville.  They were not into quick fixes that would only do short term good, but rather establishing mindsets that they actually possessed the ability to bring about real change.  It got me thinking. How many times have you and I found ourselves simply reminiscing on days prior that we thought were better?

What if you and I actually possessed the ability to bring about changes that would affect how we looked at or university and our city?  Would we look at things differently?  Would we be more optimistic?  Let’s you and I open our eyes to what’s possible here and now!
What better place than here?
What better time than now?



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